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Mudbox Head Wrap Up

I wanted to post the head I sculpted in Mudbox 2009 just to show the progression. So here it is.

Mudbox Head Progression

Mudbox Head Day 2

Ok, so here is my progress. Mostly bringing up the level of detail, hardening edges and developing some of the areas I didn’t get to before, like the neck.

Mudbox Head Model Day 2

Think outside the Mudbox

I started another Mudbox modeling class over at Glendale Community College. I plan to post my progress here. GCC is a really good place to take computer arts classes.

Mudbox model of big character.

Bowie in 3D

Here is a 3D model of David Bowie that I built in Maya with some Mudbox touch-up. As it turns out police mug shots make great reference for CG modeling because there is usually a clear front and side view. We found our reference pictures at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/1108072bowie1.html

David Bowie modeled in 3D