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Pin-up for the comic “Last Cigarette” by my friend Eraklis Petmazas.

We All Go Twang

Here’s an illustration I just did for Jody’s new mixtape at When You Awake.

We are very pleased to present When You Awake’s first collaborative covers mixtape, We All Go Twang. We put a call out to the When You Awake community and asked musicians to submit covers of some of our favorite songs. 12 musicians responded and we have the fruit of their glorious labors below. A big thank you to everyone who participated and to Patrick Gerrity for the cover artwork. From all of us here at When You Awake, Happy Holidays!

I am Iron Man

I just completed some Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards for Marvel and Upper Deck. I’ll be posting a few over the next couple days.

Every pack of printed trading cards comes with an original sketch by a random artist. They also give the artists a set of blanks so we can draw some on commission. If you are interested in a custom Iron Man drawing email me at info@patrickgerrity.com.


If you like this sort of thing there are more after the jump.

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Dr. Inundated

This piece was for my friends at New MBC to promote software intended cut down the piles of paper work on Doctors’ desks.

Country Caravan

Country Caravan - Digital illustration.

Yet another mixtape cover for my friend Jody over at When You Awake. This mixtape features songs about leaving the big city for the country life.