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Cold Blooded Country

Cold Blooded Country - pencils with digital color.

Another ‘When You Awake’  illustration. My friend Jody has a country music blog called When You Awake and she releases mixtapes every so often. This one was for the Halloween mixtape, Cold Blooded Country featuring murder ballads and general lunacy.

“Cause there’s nothin’ strange about an axe with bloodstains in the barn
There’s always some killin’ you got to do around the farm.”

Murder in the Red Barn by Tom Waits

Hard Men

A hard type of man, livin the rough n' tumble life.

A hard type of man, livin the rough n’ tumble life.

Another illustration for my friend Jody’s country music blog, When You Awake. [link] It’s the cover for a mixtape of country songs about men leading hard lives.

I was thinking of country stars in jail and so the character is loosely based on a young Merle Haggard and I was thinking of Mayberry for the jail cell.

Hard Men mixtape [link]


This was a really fun one. Sopelana on deviant art posted a drawing of someone in a spacesuit standing on a little moon. He left the helmet empty so that people could go in and draw whatever they liked inside. I decided to make mine a little fish-man astronaut. The other little fish swims around in there and gives him grief.

Fishy Astronauts on a little moon

Here is the blank drawing in case you want to do your own.
Astronadie Jam: [link]

And here is Sopelana’s journal so that you can see what other artists did. [link]

The Lion & the Lamb

So my friend Jody keeps a country music blog called When You Awake. I illustrated this for one of her mixtapes. Here is the direct link.

The Lion & the Lamb


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