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Pin-up for the comic “Last Cigarette” by my friend Eraklis Petmazas.

A Valentime Poem

Patrick Gerrity

So heavy.
So persistent.
You never let up.
You never let go.
Loving all,
with ever-reaching embrace.
Through life and death.
You make us strong,
as we strain away from you;
and you remind us of our weakness;
as our fires grow cold.
Pulling our bones deep into your hearth.
The land is ground fine with your affection.
Why won’t you take a break and let us up,
let us go float around awhile.
We’ll come back.
Where else could we go?
We’ve always fallen for you,
since before we knew your name.

We All Go Twang

Here’s an illustration I just did for Jody’s new mixtape at When You Awake.

We are very pleased to present When You Awake’s first collaborative covers mixtape, We All Go Twang. We put a call out to the When You Awake community and asked musicians to submit covers of some of our favorite songs. 12 musicians responded and we have the fruit of their glorious labors below. A big thank you to everyone who participated and to Patrick Gerrity for the cover artwork. From all of us here at When You Awake, Happy Holidays!


Some life drawing with the Gallery Girls workshop.


When You Awake’s Free For All

This is a poster I designed for When You Awake’s Free all ages concert. The show got a lot of local press exposure which means my design did too. It ended up on the LA Times blog and Filter Magazine. It was fun to see. I’d like to thank Jody Osborn and Bobbie Kittleman for all the great design projects.

http://www.whenyouawake.com ●  http://freeforallfestival.com/