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Music:  Caveman Game by WALK.

TV Intro / End Credits: Designed and created by me. The TV was modeled and Shaded in 3DSMax. Rendered in Brazil. The typography was created in Maya. Composited in After Effects.

Sun and Old Man, Man Drinking: Created by me. Animated in After Effects.

140 Characters Conference Invite: (Twitter Traffic Light. People on Subway.) Group project. Co-created with Stephen Barron. Storyboarded, created the assets and animated the scenes shown here using MashCast software.

Alien Stealing Pie: Written and created by me. Animated in MashCast software.



Satellite Transmission: Part of a group project. Co-created and storyboarded with Chris Gallop and Fred Conklin. Modeled and shaded assets in 3DSMax. Composited in After Effects.

Barragans Mariachi: Created by me using After Effects.

Monty Python Pythonline: Created and Animated by me using assets by Terry Gilliam. Animated with MashCast.

140 Characters Conference Show Opener: (Randy’s donut run. Guys riding dolphins and flying with jetpacks.) Part of a group Project. Co-created with Stephen Barron. Created all assets except for the characters. I animated all scenes shown here with MashCast.

Broadcast Skies: Created by me. Animated in After Effects.

Heat Vision: Created by me. Animated in After Effects.